Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Well, last Friday was the end of a pretty long line! Over 20 years of teaching school is now a memory! Getting things "wrapped up" has been daunting, and filled with mixed feelings.

Many years ago I'd have given my left arm to leave this career....but fortunately, the kids and families at this school have been as good as you can get!! This has made my need to "stick with it" worth all the toil and effort!

The student and parents' notes to me, this last week were deeply touching, and reassuring that there have been valuable learning experiences in our class, and lives that were influenced.

One little girl in particular said she'd never had a teacher who could make math FUN until this year! (Who'd have guessed!!) I remember Mr. Clark in high school grinding my pencil (and his teeth) into my papers because he was so FRUSTRATED that I just didn't "get it"!!!!

Each child in my class has definitely impacted MY life! These kids were AMAZING and very perceptive! Children these days ARE!!! I'm sure all of YOU could testify to this!! I know MY grandchildren are the light of my life! The things they understand and can do, FAR surpass anything I could ever do at their ages!!!

So, I write to let you know I am MENTALLY celebrating a milestone in my life!!!! We think graduations are fulfilling! Well....this moment of RETIREMENT is passing up those feelings!!!

Look out fambly, and friends! I KNOW YOUR NUMBERS!!! I intend to make up for lost time!
Thank you for all YOUR encouragement and support! I can't even imagine where I'd be without YOU!!!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Last Smile....

Time passes, as do our loved ones. I'll be eternally grateful for the SMILE she gave me, on my visit with our mom ("Nannie") just hours before the stroke which took her life occurred. That SMILE would be her last.

She was getting pretty confused and disoriented, but was trying her best to be cheerful and make me feel like it was important to her that I came to see her. She was pretty emphatic that she wanted me to pack her clothes, and help her put on her shoes, so that she could get down to State Street, to go home to meet Daddy. She even asked if he knew that I was there. (Somehow I think that HE WAS...nearby).

Today is Mother's Day, and if the Heavenly Father lets his daughters who have returned Home, get a glimpse into our mortal musings today, I HOPE "Nannie" (and Grammie Rosse'!) know how VERY MUCH they are LOVED!!!!

Happy Mother's Day! I miss you (both) so VERY MUCH!

Saturday, January 17, 2009


I'm sorry to take soooo LONG to get around
to this blog. I thoroughly enjoy reading YOURS!!!

It's a burry, frosty morning today. My mind is
fantasizing about the promise of spring, even
though I like the snow.

There's just something incredibly uplifting about
FLOWERS!! I'm LONGING for May, when I can get
out there again and plant this year's beauties!

This May holds even more promise....this will HOPEFULLY be the year I get to retire! It seems
like a dream....a really incredible dream! But's
time to put that phase of life on the shelf, and
spend the rest of it with the dearest people in my FAMILY!!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Recess

Halloween takes it toll on
ALL of US in a school! I decided this teacher needed a RECESS too!

Got carried away with our soccer ball though!

Jeanna, you taught me how to play really well!

It was an ITCHY day though!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Speaking of things we need,....I NEED some of these TOO, along with the "laser hair replacer treatment"!!!! That clock is running faster than I can!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


....besides, I'm gettin quite a tan, don't ya think?!

Who's been spying on me on the way to work????

I thought I was getting up early enough to get over to school without being noticed! With gas getting so expensive I decided I needed to cut down on the driving!
My girls will tell you, I'll never give up all that haulin! Here's the proof!!! Huh..... Suzi, Jeanna, Mari and Shell??!!!!! I used to have THEIR extra arms....but now...well it's down to just lil ole me!